DoubleButter Say What? from DoubleButter on Vimeo.

Prisencolinensinainciusol, the name of the track playing over this stop-motion video, is, in an incredible coincidence, the cockney term for Armadillo Product Testing. Or at least that's what Darnell told us and if you've met him you'd admit that does seem like the sort of thing he'd know. Fittingly, the Horsehead Crating crew (DoubleButter's in-house strangeness group) orchestrated some product tests on our Armadillo coffee table to accompany the song. The table shown is a prototype square version (the casters are just there to help it roll for the towing segments), and it's the same table in every scene. We performed the tests (with the help of a few friends) while the Tillmans worked the cameras (Clovis, Darnell, and, in her DB debut with the HH crew, Hollah Jean). The results: if the table can handle a Molotov cocktail we're sure it can handle your wussy mojito.