Last Friday we took a field trip with Darnell, Clovis and Hollah Jean out to Alreco, in Henderson, just down the road from the original Tillman homestead. We've been to Alreco before, of course (if you make anything out of aluminum in the Denver area, you've probably been there too), and this time we had Darnell snap a few photos while we corralled Bob into helping us track down the odds and ends we were searching for. Bob is the owner of the jumbled spread, sitting on several million dollars worth of every flavor of aluminum sheet and extrusion imaginable, with a friendly manner, a strange dye-job and an encyclopedic knowledge of all things aluminum. His cataloging and accounting systems defy understanding and if you venture out for a visit in winter prepare to melt in the roasting heat of his wood-fired check-out shed. Anyway, if you're looking for a way to kill an afternoon, call Bob (the cadence of his "Alreco, this is Bob" phone greeting will be stuck in your head forever) and head out to Henderson for a mesmerizing stroll through his aluminum yard. Just don't tell him we sent you.