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Some might look at this table and see just a box on legs. Fair enough, we guess, if you've got no eye for detail. But you know boxes and you know legs and these here aren't typical of either. 

Let's start with the box. First off, it's solid hardwood which means when you knock it against the corner of the wall as you rearrange your living room there's no veneer to chip off exposing some cheap particle board beneath. This Sheepadillo's shell is just hardwood on hardwood on hardwood. And the optional drawer in that box? Faced with more of that good hardwood with a cleverly integrated handle, gliding on soft-closing slides, moving with a whisper.

And what about those legs? Yes, to beat a drum, more solid wood goodness. Shaped like our Armadillo coffee table, elegant and stable as a dancer. Too much of a good thing for an end table? A lifetime's worth of end table goodness.

Shown in blackened oak with one drawer. Usually ships in about 6 weeks.