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Another hybrid beast from the boys in the lab: the Turtadillo coffee table in steel. His Armadillo dad gave him the coffee table proportions and happy waterfall transition from top to legs. His Turtle mom gave him the obscene strength and graceful stance of the folded 7-gauge steel base. This kid's got the best of both—we only wish we could say the same of ourselves.

The hale, hardy and terribly handsome Turtadillo's bolt-up assembly allows for thousands of possible color configurations. Each of the five elements (four leg brackets and the separate top) can be powder-coated individually. But since thousands of options make most people suffer crippling decision paralysis we've limited the choices here to two: one for the top, one for the base. But wanna go nuts (or do something subtle like we did for this black/gray/cream table)? Call us and we'll make it happen.

Usually ships in about 6 weeks.