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Another classic DoubleButter product with another classically strange name: Turtadillo. Combining the Latin turta meaning "timeless" and dillo meaning "grace." Oh, wait— sorry, we made that up. Really "Turtadillo" is just a portmanteau (French for duct tape) of the names of our Turtle and Armadillo tables. But the point stands, bullshittery aside: this table is timeless and it's graceful and it's about as athletic-looking a table as you could ever hope to own.

And it's unmistakably DoubleButtery. The tapers and the slightly splayed stance and the perfect proportions and all that handsome hands-on craftiness. But what, you might ask, is up with that slight gap down the middle of the top? Well, as you may know, hardwood expands and contracts across the grain seasonally with changes in temperature and humidity. And since a key to this table's smashing good looks is that flush outer edge where the top meets the long side apron, we direct the seasonal movement inward. So when your climate is warm and steamy, the gap will shrink ever so slightly and when it's desert-dry it'll grow by just a hair—but through it all that outer edge will remain tight and tidy.

Shown at 72" length in rift white oak with yellow tool-dip booties. Production usually takes 6-8 weeks. And if you want a different color booty than what's shown in the dropdown for your hardwood choice, just let us know in the notes and we'll make it so. And if booties just ain't your thing, we can leave them off in favor of hidden nylon glides. Again, just note it.

And last bit here: the two larger sizes are difficult to ship so if you want those and you're too far away from Denver for us to bring it to you (or to fetch it yourself) call or email and we can figure it out.