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Our forming plywood is a typical North American spruce/pine/fir plywood with a classic-looking edge and one atypical twist: the faces of the plywood are coated with a pretty yellow phenolic resin skin. The yellow starts off pale and over time gradually turns warmer and darker. The plywood is normally used and re-used to make concrete forms, hence the name and the hardy, highly water resistant coating. We get it from a forming-supply yard down the street from our shop.

On some of our forming plywood case good carcasses (the Sheep end table and the Penguin, for example) and for the surface of our Turtadillo dining table, that forming company’s logo is printed in blue on one side of each sheet. For standard orders we orient the sheets so the logo is on the inside or underside of the piece. However, on request we’ll flip it and face the logo out or up. If you prefer this, just call and ask. We can't always comply since sometimes the sheets are logo-less on both sides but we'll do our best.

On our line of forming plywood Roadrunner chairs and stools and on our thicker-carcass case goods (dressers and credenzas) which are made from 1.125" thick panels, there's no logo anywhere. Just pretty yellow on pretty yellow and that classic edge (which is finished with satin polyurethane).

The little blue booties on the feet of our forming plywood Turtadillo tables are made by dipping the feet into tool dip, which as the name suggests is normally used for adding plastic handles to small steel hand tools like pliers, but really, people dip all sorts of things.