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Backrest or backstop? We long thought of ourselves as backrest people—you know, a mid-back proper lean-back backrest, like the original Crane counter chair—but lately we've been reconsidering. And here's the product of that reconsideration: the Crane counter chair with a low back. 

Clearly the proportions work. That much was obvious the first time we drew it up. But good looks aren't enough around here, form's gotta have function. We noticed that most people spend most of their time leaning forward when sitting at a counter (the better to get their faces nearer the tasty snacks, we assume) and thus don't really need a lean-back backrest. But complete backlessness has its own limitations: nowhere to hang your coat, nothing to stop your rump from slumping into oblivion, no indication of frontness and backness. 

But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater! This low back version has the same super strength, smart curves, and gentle-flex comfort from all those bends and voids as the full back original. You know, just a lower back. So which is it gonna be?

Shown in custom yellow steel (call us if you want it) with red/orange wool upholstery; naked in the second shot. Usually ships in about 6 weeks.