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People often ask us how we managed to nail the delicate balance between stick-rigid and all-out-dancer in our Grasshopper lounge chair. The answer? Magic. That or engineering. Or maybe dumb luck. In any case, we got it right. Just enough flex and give for a comfortable long sit but not so much wiggle that your stirred cocktail is cruelly shaken.

The secret, or so the elves tell us, is in the bends. They’re in all the right places and at all the right angles. Except, of course, that there aren’t many right angles in this chair. The shape is nimble and spry, like nothing you’ve ever seen but still very familiar. All in a sturdy recycled-steel package with a hard-wearing powder-coated skin (applied in a zero-VOC process). With optional padded upholstery slats that smartly affix with velcro for a snug and modern look.

Shown in black steel with black/cream wool upholstery. Usually ships in about 6 weeks.