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If ever a rocker earned the name loveseat it's this one. Double the butter, double the love. The challenge, of course, is picking your rocking partner, your other butter as it were. You gotta make sure you'll be the rock to his roll, the push to her pull. You synch up on this joy machine and you're good for life, guaranteed.

Of course the loveseat Grasshopper rocker is based on our classic Grasshopper lounge, plus the rocking runners. But beyond the obvious rocking, the secret to the subtle give and flex of the Grasshopper's steel frame is in the bends. They’re in all the right places and at all the right angles. Except, of course, that there aren’t many right angles in this chair. The shape is nimble and spry, like nothing you’ve ever seen but still very familiar. All in a sturdy recycled-steel package with a hard-wearing powder-coated skin. With padded upholstery slats that smartly affix with velcro for a snug and modern look.

Immediately available in medium blue steel with medium gray and cream/black wool upholstery or stripped down naked.