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You might think that making a good-looking, durable and comfortable modernist bench—one that's as suited to city life as country life, one that's right at home whether bolted to a sidewalk or plopped on the front porch of a mountain A-frame—wouldn't be so difficult. Turns out you'd be wrong. Take a minute and go poke around on your go-to modern furniture site (other than this one, of course) and see what you see. We'll wait.

And? That's right, nada! The Roadrunner bench is in its own class. Sure, "good-looking" and "comfortable" are subjective. We grant you that. But if you value subtlety, grace and head-to-toe harmony, the Roadrunner is for you. And if you or anyone you know has ever sat in a Roadrunner of any stripe (they're running amok in our catalog), well, "comfortable" starts to feel more like objective reality. If you're in town, swing by our showroom and park for a spell on the jet black bench out front and feel for yourself.

Usually ships in about 6 weeks. Contact us for exterior applications (we add a zinc-rich primer beneath the top coat for outdoor use).