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At long last, a 3-seat version of our Roadrunner Bench in solid hardwood (in this case, solid white oak). Finished with our natural blend of linseed oil and pine resin varnish.

This piece is sooooo close to being production ready—just not quite. First off, it's made from plain sawn white oak, not rift sawn white oak. Maybe not a big deal, just a minor aesthetic difference, but still. And second off, the grain doesn't run continuously from one section to the next in the seat and back. And last off, there are just a couple teeny details that we're changing in the way the seat and back supports meet the long horizontal structural rails fore and aft. Still, we made two of these and we're keeping the other one because in spite of the above we're huge fans. Standard production Roadrunner chair dimensions but for the 71.25" width. Sold as is with a limited 1-year warranty.