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Since we never understood why backless benches had no front-to-back seat slope (to mimic the slope in your thighs when sitting in a chair with your feet on the floor) we added one to the Roadrunner. And we’re right: it’s way better. In fact, this may be the best bench ever made. We’re wrong? Show us one you think is better—more comfortable in a backless design, better looking, better made, more affordable—and we’ll tell you you’re wrong. So there. No doubt about it: this gorgeous lad rules the world.

Not to get too woodworky on you, but like the Roadrunner chair the hardwood version of the Roadrunner bench is assembled using traditional mortise and tenon joints to strengthen that gorgeous profile. With more of the same joining the seat and the stretchers, there's quite a bit of old-timey craftsmanship in this pretty modern package. So sit with confidence—and not just because your perch has made you even handsomer.

Shown in natural walnut. Usually ships in about 6 weeks.