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Sheepadillo Credenza! Fun to say, for sure, and no less fun to have around (though perhaps a better name for some legendary Italian cycling god from back in the day). But of course life isn't all fun and games. There's work to be done and stuff to be put away. And what of that stuff? You got some fancy dishes, some silverware, cloth napkins, handsome ceramics and you want to put this fella in your dining room? Nessun problema! What about your music and movie media, your flat screen, your electronics? Naturalmente! 

Stylish and versatile and built to last, the Sheepadillo Credenza practically floats on a modified version of our graceful Armadillo table base, visually lightweight but remarkably stable and strong. This three-drawer version has, naturally, three open storage compartments below the drawers with 2" diameter holes in the back of each section for wiring.

Immediately available in whitened maple.