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This may be a good place to address what may be an obvious question: Sheepadillo?

Yes, part Sheep (boxy, storagey, doory and drawery pieces in our collection), part Armadillo (our sorta-famous, minimalist but maximally good-looking coffee table). Pure winner.

Still reading? Well, since evidently you're curious, for the Sheepadillos with the powder-coated steel bases we've made a few modifications to the steel undercarriage of the Armadillo original. First, we've added simple water-jet cut brackets to the ends to prevent front-to-back racking when the soft-close drawers are opened—the better to keep your fine glassware and ceramics from jostling behind the smooth-sliding doors. And second, to make most efficient use of the sheets of steel that are the starting point for the base (and because it's a rad detail), we've broken the base into smaller components that are discreetly welded together to make the obscenely strong whole. Look closely and you'll see the subtle joint where the vertical legs meet the horizontal stretcher under the cabinet front and back. Rad indeed!

Available in one week in natural walnut with either pale green or pale blue steel pulls and legs.